The conference is planned as a meeting of researchers and practitioners who deal with the topic of renewable energy sources and sustainable development.

This year’s discussion will be focused on the following issues:

  1. Energy saving and renewable energy sources in construction
  • The development of wind energy in Poland
  • Energy-efficient residential housing
  1. Technological and material innovations in modern construction
  • Energy-efficient and passive housing
  • Technological innovation and implementation of new materials in modernisation of existing residential housing
  • New technologies and protective materials in exploitation and protection of historic buildings
  1. New construction and installation systems as an inspiration for modern architecture
  • Problems of sustainable design, theory and practice
  • New forms of architecture as a result of inspiration with innovative technologies and materials
  1. Stimulators and barriers for sustainable development of urban areas ( session for investors)
  • Acquiring funds for implementation of innovative techniques in construction.
  • Renewable energy sources in practice.


Organizers feel certain that the Conference will become an opportunity to present opinions and exchange experiences for many Polish and European scientific and professional environments as well as will initiate a discussion, which will contribute to establishment of the meaning of RES for the process of sustaining the development of urban areas.

Those willling to participate in the Conference should send the application form to oze@konferencja.pl till 20.05.2016 r. and should include an abstract and information on which of the issues above will be discussed in the paper. Application form can be downloaded from www.ozekonferencja.pl ).