E’ contest – Rules of participation

E’ contest – Rules of participation


IV International Conference



1.Subject of the contest:


2.Aim of the contest.

2.1. The aim of the contest is to promote modern technologies in projects by students as well as to confront teaching methods in teaching sustainable architecture and urban planning design.

2.2. The contest is a part of the accompanying international student workshop, organised by the Institute
of Architecture of State Higher Vocational School in Raciborz.

2.3. Projects, which take part in the contest will be discussed during the workshop, which will be attended
by students of architecture as well as teachers taking part in the Scientific Conference.

2.4. The aim of the contest is also to promote intelligent and efficient (minimalistic) forms of project concepts saving.

3.The contest organiser:

3.1.Institute of Architecture of the State Higher Vocational School in Raciborz.

Silesian Regional Architectural Chamber in Katowice.

Student Scientific Organisation for Architecture STUDIO ARCH

Workshop and Contest Commissioner:                        Dr inż.arch. Henryk Zubel

Contest Secretary:                                                             Dr inż.arch. Wiesław Olejko

Email address for sending the contest works: biuro@ozekonferencja.pl


  1. Contest participants.

4.1. People who can participate in the contest are students of all years of schools of architecture from Poland
and abroad.

4.2. Organiser is allowed to invite personally chosen schools of architecture to participate in the contest.

  1. Formal requirements
    • A requirement for taking part in the contest is sending one board in the electronic form, which shall include the project meeting requirements defined in aim of the contest and in formal requirements as provided in point 5, to organiser’s email address.
    • Participants (students) from schools invited personally by the organiser, should send their works in the electronic form as provided in point 5.4 and additionally, they should deliver printed boards glued to a stiff base as in 5.4 to the workshop.
    • Works submitted to the contest can present a synthesis of ideas of semestral projects or engineering diploma degree (bachelor or master) projects. These projects should be created in last 3 years.
    • The overall dimensions of the board should be 100x70cm ( in a vertical layout) saved in JPG or PDF format at a resolution of 300 dpi.
    • A six-digit identification number should be placed in the top right corner of the board (the height of the letters should be 1 cm)
    • The following information should be sent to the Secretary of the Conference:

– name of the author (or authors) of the project

– year and semester of study when the project has been made.

– name of didactic coordinator (supervisor or promoter) who supervised the project development.

– name of the subject by which the project has been developed

– a statement that the participant is the author of submitted work

  • Declassification of the above mentioned information and making it public may only be made after settling the contest by the jury.
  • The board should not contain any information which identifies the author or the university.
  • One participant can submit no more than 3 works to the contest.
  • Participation in the contest is free of charge.
  1. Assessment criteria:
    • Innovation of use of technology in building the concept in the project of sustainable architecture and urban planning.
    • Visual attractiveness of the project board with the special attention paid to the economics of used graphic means (minimalism and originality of graphic techniques).
    • Didactic values of the project board.


  1. Deadlines:
    • Works must be sent electronically to the organiser’s email address at the latest by midnight on 15.10.2016.
    • Results of the contest will be announced on 21. 10.2016.



8.1. Authors of the best projects will be given prizes:

 – First prize                        1000 PLN

2 distinctions                 500 PLN each

 – honorary distinctions

8.2. All projects will be presented on the Conference website and awarded projects will be published in post conference materials.

  1. Jury.

9.1. All submitted works will be assessed by a team of jurors (at least 5) composed of academic staff and chosen architecture students.

9.2. The principle of anonymity will be preserved during the evaluation of submitted works.

  1. Questions.

Any questions regarding  the contest should be addressed to the following email address: biuro@ozekonferencja.pl