Student Workshop

IV International Conference



with accompanying

Student Workshop:



  1. Date: 20.10.2016 (Thursday) – 21.10.2016 (Friday)


  1. Organiser: State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz, INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE

Silesian Regional Architectural Chamber in Katowice

Workshop and Contest Commissioner:                        Dr inż.arch. Henryk Zubel

Contest Secretary:                                                            Dr inż.arch. Wiesław Olejko


  1. Participants:
  2. a) Active participants of the workshop are the representatives of architectural universities who confirmed their participation in the workshop.
  3. b) The e’contest may be attended by all students of architecture, without any limitations, who represent any higher education institution in Poland and abroad and submit their works in electronic form in accordance with the Rules of Participation.
  4. c) The workshop may be attended by the teaching staff – participants of the Scientific Conference (for detailed information on the e’contest see:,
    the tab e’contest and student workshop)


  1. Number of students who may attend the workshop: limited


    International Contest of 1-board presentation of students’ works prepared as semestral, diploma or engineering project.


  1. Aim of the workshop:
  2. a) the aim of the workshop is to confront the forms and methods of the use of innovative technologies in teaching architectural design
  3. b) the contest of students’ projects in the form of posters and electronic record implements
    a transnational dimension of the discussion on the subject of the workshop, with a focus on the idea of the message as well as on the economy of graphic forms of its saving


  1. Method of the workshop work:
  2. a) the workshop will be conducted with the use of conversational method
  3. b) works submitted to the contest will be displayed in public during the exhibition associated with the Scientific Conference, in the form of posters and multimedia presentation
  4. c) students and academic staff who participate in the scientific session of the Conference, additionally participate in the contest works’ evaluation. Those will also attend
    a discussion on Innovative forms and teaching methods in the profession
    of an architect
  5. d) awards will be given during the summary section of the workshop.
  6. e) the moderators – tutors of the workshop part of the Conference will be an experienced academic staff and a special guest from abroad.


  1. The outcome of the workshop:
  2. a) the exhibition of contest boards 70 x 100 cm
  3. b) a collection (in an electronic record) of contest projects which represent different architectural higher education institutions.
  4. c) acquiring new competencies in the scope of knowledge on the possibilities in creative training of architects.
  5. d) all students receive Conference and workshop participation certificate.


  1. Workshop location: Day 1: Conference room, Hunting Lodge, ul.Łąkowa 33

Day 2: rooms of the Institute of Architecture of PWSZ in Racibórz, ul.Łąkowa31


  1. Workshop fee:
  2. a) students – representatives of invited universities: 150 PLN
  3. b) other students: 100 PLN
  4. c) teaching staff: included in the Conference fee.

The fee covers:

– accommodation in student’s dormitory in Raciborz, catering, participation in Conference and workshop
(for 10.a)

– participation in the Conference and workshop (for 10.b)


  1. The declaration of participation in the workshop shall be sent to the following email address:, not later than on 10 October 2016.


  1. Programme of the Workshop:


20.10.2016 (Thursday)

9:00 – 10:00        Registration of participants

10:00 – 11:00       Official part – participation of the students in the Conference opening

11:00 – 11:20       Coffee break

11:20 – 13:30       Session I – participation of the students in the Conference thematic session:

13:30 – 14:30       Lunch

14:30 – 16:30       Student session – opening of the contest exhibition, evaluation of the contest works, choosing
the award-winning works by the jury composed of academic staff and by the plebiscite of students,

16.30 – 17:00       Coffee break

17:00 – 19:00       Student session – authorial presentation of selected contest works and discussion on
Modern technologies; an inspiration or a trap in student’s creative designing

20:00 – 23:00       Students’ night in the club.


21.10.2016 (Friday)

9:30 – 13:30        Conversational meeting for students – workshop participants and teaching staff
at the Institute of Architecture, ul. Łąkowa 31

Presentation of the Institute of Architecture of PWSZ in Raciborz and a joint review of the contest works with a panel discussion on
Innovative forms and teaching methods in the profession of an architect

The award ceremony and awarding the Conference and workshop participation certificates.

Closing of the workshop.

14:00 – 15:00       Lunch